Once you begin to understand what Genuine Humility is, as taught by Jesus in the First Beatitude, it’s no surprise that Jesus puts this “character trait” first on the list of the Eight Keys to Genuine Happiness. There are eight Beatitudes, each giving a special Christian characteristic and a promise to those who possess that characteristic. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3) A look at the word ‘poor’ used here by Jesus reveals that the Greek word that is used here is the word “ptchoos“, which is interpreted as “extreme hunger”. It’s the word in Greek for A BEGGAR. A true beggar is one who is dependent on others for his very sustenance and existence. Hence, the one-sentence description that I use to explain the meaning of this Beatitude is: WE ARE TOTALLY–NOT PARTIALLY–BUT TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON GOD. Once we adopt the attitude of being “beggars in God’s soup-kitchen”, as Max Lucado puts it, we realize there’s nothing we can do for ourselves; we can only beg, and this opens the door towards a deep faith and dependence on God. Hence, Humility is the beginning of FAITH. It’s also the beginning of our understanding of the great Biblical concepts of GRACE and MERCY.

HUMILITY, then, is the foundation upon which all of the other Christian characteristics (attitudes) rest. Without this foundation, our lives are nothing but a crumbling structure on sinking sand. With this foundation, we can begin to build glory-filled abundant lives–Blessed Lives.

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