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  • The Foundation of Christian Thinking

    It is no accident that Jesus begins His public ministry by stating the Beatitudes (as found in Matthew Chapter 5:1-13).  And it’s not an accident that he begins that “stating” by giving us the Foundation for all of His teachings and all of Christian thinking.   “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the […]


    Tim Rine’s lesson yesterday at Vaughn Park church was, in large part, about caring for others, especially thos who are not “in God’s family”.  It was about going out to places where sinners are and helping them to “cross the bridge” as they come to the “other side”.  A huge part of that lesson was […]


    Jesus begins His public ministry with what is usually referred to as “the Sermon on the Mount”, found in Matthew Chapters 5, 6, and 7. It is in this way that God chooses to have his “only begotten Son” begin his public ministry: sitting down on a “mountainside”. Matthew records for us that Jesus “saw […]


    Once you begin to understand what Genuine Humility is, as taught by Jesus in the First Beatitude, it’s no surprise that Jesus puts this “character trait” first on the list of the Eight Keys to Genuine Happiness. There are eight Beatitudes, each giving a special Christian characteristic and a promise to those who possess that […]

  • The Foundation of a Glory-Filled Life

    The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ first recorded discourse to the multitudes; as such, it signals the beginning of His public ministry. It’s no accident that God, who planned all this “before the foundations of the world”, had him begin this way, with this “sermon”, which is really more than just a sermon, but […]